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US Tourist / Visit Visa

By and large the vast majority of the countries, who wants to visit to US, must have the visa in hand before they land. There are two classifications mostly for US Visitors visas as referred below.

Business (B-1)

This called Business B-1 visa for the individuals who are seeking come to US for:

  a. Consulting with business associates.

  b. Attend a conference or convention.

  c. Settle an estate.

  d. Negotiate a contract.

Essentially the individuals who are coming mainly for some work or for business for few days just, they should get B-1 Business Visa which is in the class of Tourist Visa for United States of America.

Tourism and Visit (B-2)

This is the visa for those who want to visit USA as a

  a. Tourist,

  b. Have good vacation/holiday.

  c. Visit friends or family who live in USA.

  d. Participating in social events which are going to happen in USA.

Presently for both the categories for Tourist Visa for United States of America, all need to find a way to get the positive outcome for the visa. The initial step is to fill DS-160 form online on the web and once done should print the form that is done online, and this form should be taken for the interview.

Presently what to do at the time of interview or what documents to take and so on it is hard to tell here, so the best for everything is to consult us, Immigration Pioneer for same as we have helped more than 1000 applications for this category of visa over the most recent 5 years. We have good experience and are constantly updated on changes of visa rules done by USA.

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