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In the World Happiness Report 2013, Denmark was crowned as the happiest nation in the world. From a world class education system to a robust job market, from low crime rate to the cleanliness of the place, everything about Denmark indicate sa peaceful and comfortable lifestyle. And all these merits about this country certainly make it a popular immigration destination.

In Denmark, you receive public healthcare service as a legal right. And whether it is towards nature or people, Danish are considered as responsible people in every aspect of life. Danish people are also known for their "spirit of voluntarism", and use public services only with a sense of collective belonging, instead for personal benefits. Additionally, unlike other immigration destinations, work environment in Denmark is more liberal, which again leads towards a better and healthy lifestyle.

Denmark is facing shortage of skilled workers in many industries. To fill this gap, Danish government offers a number of visas, which give foreign nationals work and residence permit in Denmark. The government also allows foreign born well-educated people to find a job in Denmark by granting them temporary residence permit. Interestingly, for past one decade, Denmark has constantly been termed as "the most active European Union (EU) nation in hiring the overseas skilled workers".


As Denmark is emerging as a popular immigration destination, the competition for various Danish visas is also increasing. At Immigration Pioneer, we provide a wide range of immigration services for Denmark to ensure that our clients get their visas approved in timely manner. We help you in choosing the right visa, assist you in preparing your visa application, as well as act as your legal representative during the visa process. Our experience in Danish immigration ensures you hassle-free visa approval.
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