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UK Spouse Visa

A UK companion visa, another term for UK marriage visa or the 'family of a settled person' visa to UK, allows the wedded partners of those situated in UK to have the option to move in with them.

The candidate's partner should to either:

  A British Citizen

  Settled in the UK

  Having an asylum or a humanitarian shelter in the UK

Requirements A qualifying UK Spouse Visa application has to meet certain requirements:

  Both the applicant and the spouse must be at least 18 years of age

  The marriage must have happened legally and both the partners must have known and met each other before the marriage.

  Both partners should intend on permanently living together in each other’s company,

  In order to justify the sponsorship, the applicant’s partner must either be earning at least 18,600 pounds an year or holding sufficient financial savings.

  Clearing an English language test from an authorized test provider is a must

To apply for the UK Spouse visa, the applicant must submit

  2 coloured, passport-sized photographs.

  A current passport or other valid travel ID.

  Other previously held passports, if any.

  The immigration status of his/her partner.

  proof of the applicant’s relationship with his/her partner.

  Some additional documents, if or when asked for.

It takes the visa applications, about 2-12 weeks for their preparing. The decision arrives around the same time if the superior help has been utilized, by applying for visa in person and paying a fee of 1001 pounds. The candidate, during his stay in the UK, is qualified to begin working or join an academic course of his choice, after meeting the eligibility criteria as required.

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