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Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday scheme for the UK permits foreign nationals of specific countries, who are between in the range of 18 and 30 years old, to travel and work in the UK. The visa is granted for a time of two years, where foreign nationals can work in the UK for a maximum period of a year.

As referenced above, citizens of only participating nations can apply for it. Here is the list of participating countries:





  New Zealand

  Hong Kong

  Republic of Korea


Individuals with particular kind of British nationality can also apply for this visa. These individuals include:

  British Overseas Citizen.

  British Overseas Territories Citizen.

  British National (Overseas).

Furthermore, citizens of Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Republic of Korea can also apply for the UK Working Holiday visa by acquiring a certificate of sponsorship for a specific job. It is important to take note of that, a qualified applicant must apply for the visa within 3 months after getting the certificate.

It is also important to note here that even after meeting the basic eligibility criteria some candidates may not be able to apply for this visa. These cases include:

  Foreign nationals with children who live with them.

  Foreign nationals with children who are financially dependent on them.

  Foreign nationals who are already on a visa in the UK.

Candidates who qualify to apply for the UK Working Holiday visa need to meet certain health and character necessities according imposed by the UK government. Qualified applicants additionally need to have a recognized health insurance that covers their entire stay in the UK.

As stated before, the UK Working Holiday visa remains for a time of two years. Foreign nationals can go to the UK whenever after their visa has been approved. Also, they can leave and return the UK the as many times as they wish while their visa is valid.

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