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Australia Business Visa

Permanent residency for business owners

Australia government urges foreign nationals to contribute to Australia's flourishing economy by offering various work permit visas for individuals at various degrees of their professional careers. The State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner visa permits abroad businesspersons, who own an existing or newly launched business venture in Australia, to have permanent residency in the country.

There are two basic requirements you need to meet in order to obtain subclass-892 visa:

  You must already have a qualifying provisional visa*, and
  You have been sponsored by a state or territory authority
* Subclass 160, 161, 162, 163, 164, 165

In addition, you need to meet the following requirements:

  You have lived in Australia for more than 12 months in the past two years on one of the valid provisional visas

 You and your companion or accomplice have never been associated with illicit business exercises.

You likewise need to demonstrate to the Australian government your certifiable aim of maintaining a business and making interests in Australia. For this, you have to meet certain prerequisites on different business factors, for example, business activities, business proprietorship, resources and representatives, and business turnover.

Subclass 892 visa allows you to have permanent residency in Australia for a time of 5 years. You can bring your family to Australia on this visa. While your visa is valid, your accompanying family can study and work in Australia without restrictions. After 5 years, you can apply for another visa to proceed with your remaining. You can also apply for Australian citizenship on your subclass 892 visa, you can also sponsor your family members for permanent residency in Australia.

Guaranteeing you meet all the necessities for subclass 892 visa can be precarious too tedious. At Immigration Pioneer, we have an accomplished group of visa advisors who have helped several customers to effectively apply under this classification. We can direct you through the complexity of the movement procedure easily. Our services for subclass 892 include:

  Helping clients in meeting all the important visa necessities, for example ensuring they have the necessary business proprietorship rate, and information on business tasks, and so forth.

  Helping clients in preparing their visa application, and guiding them on the document requirements. and

 Helping clients with various post visa approval assistance services.

With Immigration Pioneer's proficient help, you can remain assured of your visa approval, as well as of a comfortable and enjoyable stay in Australia.

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