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Immigrate to USA

All who are looking to move and live in US in future, then must be a sponsored of a US Citizen or must be lawful permanent residency of US. Additionally before entering US or applying for the visa, should initially have approved petition by USCIS. This is for the following kind of individuals:

 Family Immigration: All who are lawfully related to the citizen of US or permanent resident of US, can apply for this visa to live and settle in US if the relative is ready to sponsor you. Additionally the relative must have enough income or resources for be relevant to support. As a matter of first importance must get the approval from USCIS for the request to apply for this visa and after this must demonstrate and show the income and resources for sponsor the Immigrate to USA. Additionally the US relative must take the full liability of monetarily supporting the individuals they are approving to come to US and stay with them. For more information, contact Immigration Pioneer for Immigrate to USA, at .

 Fiance – This is also known as K-1 Visa. This is the visa for the individuals who are looking to get married with US resident and for this; they apply for Fiance K-1 Visa. This visa will allow them to move to US to get married and the marriage must be done and registered within 90 days of arrival to US. Also, at first, the initial step concerning different sorts of visas for US is to apply for petition for this visa. Consult us, Immigration Pioneer via mail at if you need an assistance or information about this visa.

 Employment Based Visa – US in consistently give around 140,000 employment based workers to make them stay in the US forever or give them the Green Card for the same. This is given to the individuals who are qualified candidates who have been working in US for quite long and the company is still looking to remain them for their future. If you are in US, then get in touch with us if you are looking to stay for quite a while or searching for indefinite stay in US.

 Treaty Investor E-2 Visa: This is the visa for those investors who are from the country that is mentioned as E-2 country. This is for the individuals who are from this country and are ready to invest substantially to work in US. The organization that they are investing into must increase the income than what they are having right now. If you are looking to apply for this Investor program visa, simply talk with us, Immigration Pioneer.

If you need any more guidance for any sort of US visa, consult with us Immigration Pioneer and we will help you for the same with positive outcome.

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