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Study in USA Visa

There are few kinds of categories of visa for study in US. These all are mentioned below.

Study (F and M Visa)

In the Study Visa in F Category, it is for all those who are looking to come to US for study and to attend any of the following courses:

  University of College Study.

  High School Study.

  Private elementary school.


  Other institutions that will give language training programs.

For Study (M) category, the visa should be for Vocational or other recognized nonacademic courses. If anybody looking to Study in USA, must take the admission in the school or college or university that is approved by SEVP i.e student and Exchange Visitor Program. Also after you take your admission and are accepted by the organization to make you study, at that point you will be enrolled in SEVIS i.e. Student and Exchange Visitor Information System. Once you are enrolled in this, at that point need to pay the fee to SEVIS who will then give you I-20 which means same as the confirmation of your enrollment, which you need to present to the US high commission at the time of visa. This will not include the college fee, but once you get the visa after showing I-20 and the interview taken which is positive, at that point you can move to US and pay the fee once you land in the country.

Also all who want to Study in USA, must apply for the visa in 120 days of the beginning of the course, not before that.

Exchange Visitor Visa ( J Visa)

This is the visa for students who are exchanged for study in US and other countries. Mainly this is open for Australians, New Zealanders, and South Koreans. But again for this type of visa also need to again fill DS-160 form and present your passport photos etc.

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