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Asians in America: Canada Express Entry Consultants in USA

All Asians who are working in America, are waiting for the Green Card for America to come so that they are settled in America for their future. This is same thing as permanent residency for other countries. So all who are hoping to settle in America must have Green Card in hand.

But, all who are in America are waiting for this to come, which is taking truly long time, for certain individuals over 10 years to get this Green Card to settle. In this manner all who would prefer not to return to their country of origin from America, should apply for Canada Express Entry which will help them for settling in Canada from America directly.

Canada Express Entry is open and they need more than 100,000 applications or customers who can communicate in English or French to come and settle in Canada for their future. This will assist them with getting direct permanent Residency for Canada. The procedure of Canada Express Entry can be checked click here.

So all who are in America, just mail us your query at and we will help you for Canada Express Entry rather than struggling in Settlement in US.Immigration Pioneer, by mail at or call us at India : +91-7827932033

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