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Canada Entrepreneurs Visa

Canada had opened one sort of visa which resembles first of its sort in the whole world. This is the visa that for the most part connects every international entrepreneur’s with Canada's private division associations who have experience and expertise for working with new venture/ideas.

These applicants, who are applying for this visa, won't just get temporary visa, will drectly get Permanent Residency visa regardless of whether the project that they have shown is profitable. We know that there are numerous individuals who have a strategy of business plan yet before they apply, first they have to connect with Canadian Venture Capitalist firm who are prepared to submit the investment in the business idea.

So, all who are looking for this visa, should initially get in touch with Venture Capitalist organization and once they say yes, at that point feel free to apply for the visa to come to Canada, do business and get Permanent Residency.

All who are keen on this visa, should initially apply for CIC, Canada and must have got their health test and security criteria. Also need to give the correspondence the venture capital firm and the government in English, and also need to show:

  Have enough money to invest in the venture.

  Have atleast studied one year more after post-secondary schooling.

If you need assistance, contact with us Immigration Pioneer, who are working with ICCRC part for all applications for Canada.

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