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USA Temporary Employment Visa

This is the visa for the individuals who are looking to come to United States for employment that is going on for a fixed timeframe. For this visa, all employers who are looking to hire anybody from abroad, should initially file a petition to US citizenship and Immigration Services for example USCIS and if the appeal is endorsed, at that point can apply for work visa. There are numerous categories in this Temporary Employment Visa, few are mentioned below:

  Specialty Occupation H-1B Visa: This is for the individuals who are available to work in specialty occupation. The special occupations are generally like fashion models, government to government scientist/researcher, or co-production projects with Department of Defense of US.

  Temporary Agriculture Worker H-2A Visa: This is the visa for the individuals who can come to US for temporary agricultural work in the country. This is the visa not for all countries; the law has restricted this visa to specific citizens or nationals of those countries.

  Temporary Non-Agriculture Worker H-2B Visa: This is for the individuals who need to come to US temporarily or seasonal non-farming work. The US government will see and decide the need and afterward will call them to come on this visa.

  Trainee or Special Education Visitor H-3 Visa: This is for the individuals who are looking to get trained and are other than medical or academic training, which is not available in their own country.

  Intra company Transfer L Visa: This is the visa for those to work in US if the organization has a branch, or the candidate has parent or affiliate, or even subsidiary of the present employer in the high class classification like managerial or executive capacity.

To apply for this visa, after you get the petition approved, complete the online DS-160 Visa application and apply it online for your visa.

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