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UK Domestic Worker Visa

In the event that an employer ever wishes to take his private household help along with him to the United Kingdom, acquiring a Domestic Worker visa is necessary. The worker should have been working with this employer for at least one year, immediately prior applying for this visa, and offering services, for example:






  Other personal care-giving

The UK Domestic Worker visa is exactly what the name suggests, and cannot be taken as a 'work permit'. This visa can be applied for after presenting a detailed evidence of the employer - employee relationship in the immediate past and is primarily - valid for six months only. The visa, in any case, can be however, subject to meeting certain conditions.

Qualification Requirements

The employee needs to meet certain necessities in order to accompany with his employer to the UK. He/she should:

  Belong to an age group of 18-65g

  Plan on working full time as a domestic help, for a same employer and at his place of living only.

  Willfully intend to accompany his employer or his close family, to the United Kingdom.

  Be physically, mentally and financially adequate to accommodate and support himself/herself in the UK, without depending on public funds.

  Leave the country with his employer or maximum by the end of his permission to stay.

An employee can apply for the UK Domestic Worker visa up to 3 months before his date of travelling.

While applying for this visa, an applicant should submit:

  A valid passport

  One colored, passport-sized photograph.

  Bank statements or payslips for the last 6 months

  Details of where he will be staying and the return ticket

  A letter from his employer confirming that when he enters the UK, he will have worked for the employer in the same job for at least 1 year

  A completed and signed statement of the terms and conditions of his employment in the UK

All the above documents should be, or should be in/translated into English language at the time of application submission. Maybe some additional documents ought to be given, depending upon conditions.

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