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Alberta Nominee Program Visa

This is the visa for all people who are ready to move to Alberta, which is a state in Canada. The government of this state with confirmation from CIC i.e. Canada’s department of Citizenship and Immigration, that they can keep foreigners to work in that state so that the Alberta’s economy grows.

The territory of Alberta in Canada, needs listed people who are in shortage to come and work, and after this can settle in this country. The nominees who will be nominated by Alberta Government, will also will have the option along with them their children and spouse, who can also settle with main applicant. The entire family can apply for Provincial Nominee permanent residency visa. But in the end, the decision make will be CIC, regardless of whether Government of Alberta picks them. According to the workers or occupations that are open in Alberta, both skilled and semi-skilled occupations are open right now.

All who want to apply for this visa, can apply in three different categories if they do not have job in hand at the time of application

Strategic Recruitment Stream – Compulsory and Optional Trades Categories (Find the list of trades which are mentioned in this stream through next page in Immigration Pioneer.

Strategic Recruitment Stream – Engineering Occupation Category (This is the visa for all who qualify for temporary work and have Alberta work experience in hand in one of the Engineering Occupation.

Strategic Recruitment Stream –Post Graduate Work Category (This is for all who have studied in this state and have work permit and are currently working in Alberta.

Also, as per the latest news, it is taking 14 months for the approval of this visa for those who do not have work in hand from Alberta

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