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Australia Professional Development Visa

Professional Development Visa – This kind of visa has two categories

a) Training and Research (Subclass 402)

This is the visa, that allows the student or researcher to:

  Take part in workplace based training to get their skills enhanced in the current occupation they are at this time.

  The economy is really good and growing, rated as 13th best economy of the world.

  Also for those students who are in the area of territory study.

  If the students want to participate in the professional development programme in Australia after they are invited for the same.

  Students who want to observe or participate in Australian research programme/project that is going on and have also been invited for the same.

b) Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485)

  Australia professional development visa for those international students who have studied in Australia and now have graduated from Australian educational institution. So after their graduation, they have the right to work temporarily in Australia after the study is over. This is the visa that has two kinds of streams:

  Graduate work Stream:This is for the individuals who were in international students with the qualified capability who are in SOL for example skilled Occupation List. These are the students who can have for year and a half after the graduation.

  Post-Study Work: These are the individuals who are international students who have graduated in advanced education and have a degree in the hand of Australian Education Providers, however regardless of the field of the study; regardless of whether they are in SOP or not. We, Immigration Pioneer, will enable every one of the individuals who have studied in Australia or need to study in Australia.

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