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USA Green Card

US Green Card is basically permanent residency for one to stay and live in US for the whole life and there are numerous categories for this sort of visa for United States of America. The various types of Green Cards are:

  US Green Card through Family: This is for the individuals who have immediate family member like life partner, unmarried children who are younger than 21, parents of US citizen or family member of green card holder who has other country passport.

  US Green can also be given to professionals or work based on the employment opportunity they have received in United States. This is for the individuals who have labour certificate for the same.

  Green Card or Permanent Residency for US can be given to investors who are placing money in US as an Entrepreneur and in business will make jobs for US Citizens.

  Green Card can be given for extraordinary classes/special categories of jobs like Afghan/Iraqi Translator, Broadcaster, NATO-6 Non Immigrant, Religious worker, Iraqi who helped the US government and so on.

  Entered in US as a refugee and after one year applying for Permanent Residency.

  For the individuals who are granted Asylum in US.

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