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Australia Visa Refusal

Australian Immigration department handles a several thousand visa applications on month to month premise. Many of these applications get denied for a few reasons. Most candidates get rejected either due to the deficiency of the application structure or as a result of candidates not meeting the eligibility criteria.

Here are all the possible scenarios for Australia visa rejection:

  Applicants failed to provide information in support of the claims.
  Applicants failed to meet Australia’s health and character requirements.
  Applicants provided bogus data.
  Applicants did not the meet any condition concerned with the previous visa.

Applicants whose visa got rejected because of an intended unlawful movement (falsification of information), will be prohibited from applying for an Australia visa altogether.

Other than that, candidates whose visa got rejected for other reasons may apply for a similar visa under an alternate class for which they have a better chance of approval. Furthermore, applicants sure that they meet the criteria appropriately can have their visa application looked into through one of the following government bodies:

Merits Review Tribunal (MRT): MRT reviews most of the cases of visa refusal and cancellation, except Protection visa and cancellation under section 501 of Migration act. It also handles the cases of sponsorship and nomination cancellation and refusal.

Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT): This government body reviews the cancellation and refusal of a Protection visa. Only the person who is subject to the decision can apply to have his visa reviewed by RRT.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT): The AAT handles the cases of visa cancellation and refusal based on character consideration.

Here it is imperative to take note that not all visa refusal cases are reviewable. Just those that are found to have a relevant case will be evaluated. Additionally, there are time limits to apply for a visa decision review, which are referenced in the applicants' decision notification letter. Additionally, it depends upon your visa class which audit body you ought to apply to. With Immigration Pioneer's proficient help you can be assured of your visa approval and be saved from the cerebral pain of visa refusals. Furthermore, we likewise help customers with various approaches to manage visa rejections.

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