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Visitor Visa

Rated as outstanding amongst other vacationer goals on the planet South Africa offers visitors radiant climate, wonderful view, a portion of the world's best sea shores with top lodgings and cafés spotted everywhere. South Africa is likewise one of the most reasonable and, now and again, the simplest open holiday destination in the world.

A visitor’s visa for South Africa is given to any foreign individual whose aim it is to visit South Africa for as long as 90 days for any reason other than those suited by visas for work, business, study, retirement and so on.

Citizens of specific country are considered as visa exempt and are not required to apply for a visa prior to departure for South Africa. An individual from a visa exempt nation will be given a visa (for either 30 days or 90 days relying upon their nationality) upon arrival as long as they can give, upon request, specific financial and different guarantees for example adequate funds and an return flight ticket.

Citizens of specific nations that are non – exempt must apply and get a visitor’s visa for South Africa from a South African Consulate, Embassy or High Commission in their country of residence before travelling to South Africa.

A visitor's visa for South Africa might be extended only a single time and for no longer than a further 90 days.

An individual who is to enter South Africa to take part in an Academic Sabbatical or for voluntary, charitable, research activities etc. can, upon application, be given with a visitor's visa for as long as three years given that candidate has adequate funds and has met different necessities as required by the Department of Home Affairs. This must be applied for at a South African Consulate, Embassy or High Commission in the individual's country of residence.

Citizens from visa exempt countries are required to apply for the necessary permission before leaving for South Africa to be given the approved visitor's visa after arriving in South Africa.

Citizens from countries that are non-exempt should apply for and get their visitor's visa from a South African Consulate, Embassy or High Commission in their country of residence.

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