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South Africa Corporate Visa

A corporate visa must be given to South African registered organization or branch (the candidate) and it offers the possibility to employ incredible quantities of employees from abroad, all under the remit of one application.

The Corporate Visa may be given to a corporate candidate to enable them to employ foreigners who may take up an employment for the applicant for limited time duration. The most significant point for the application of a Corporate Work Visa is that it is not given to any individual yet it is just issued to the employing company and hence the name. It really permits the organization to employ various foreign workers together at the same time.

The application is only for Corporate with a requirement for a predetermined number of foreign workers. This predetermined need, should be demonstrated against a backdrop of there being a lacking number of South African citizens or permanent resident holders that are capable for filling certain jobs within the company.

There is various numbers of necessities that are related with the corporate visa application and you can peruse in and out audit of them here. It is anyway important to understand the mindset behind these prerequisites.

The corporate visa is not an open invitation to recruit on mass from abroad for reasons, for example, cheaper labor. The organization applying needs to remember for its application detailed job description and the proposed remittance in regard of every worker. The organization will also need to provide proof of the particular occupation prerequisites to show the abilities required as well as represent the recruitment efforts they have employed to verifiably attempt to discover South Africans to fill their vacancies.

As such the corporate visa's job is to shield reasonably qualified South Africans from being partial inside the local job market, while managing organizations with a genuine need, to look for enormous quantities of staff from abroad.

South African company needs to confirm the following in order to process the Intra Company Transfer Visa:

  Acknowledgment of the transfer of the employee to them in their capacity as a branch, auxiliary or a member of the company abroad.

  That the employee will only be employed in the particular occupation and capacity with respect to which the intra-company transfer work visa was granted.

  That the foreign employee will all times comply with the provision of the Act and regulation of their visa.

  That they undertake to quickly notify the Director-General if the employee doesn't comply with the provision of the demonstration or conditions attached to the visa.

  Any potential expelling costs that may be related to the employee and their family dependents, will be borne by the company should it become compulsory.

  That the employee holding the intra-company transfer work visa will have consistently a valid passport for the term of their employment.

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