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South Africa Relative visa

A life partner visa in South Africa is really a type of 'relative visa' and allows a foreign national to live in the Republic with a South African citizen or permanent resident wife or husband. A spousal visa is issued in the case of immigration to South Africa when a husband or wife of a South African citizen or permanent residence holder wishes to move to South Africa.

You will need to provide the following to submit an application for a South African spousal visa.

  The married couple would need to provide proof of a government-issued marriage certificate.

  Proof of your South African spouses citizenship or residence.

  A letter of support from your South African spouse.

  Proof of good health and standing.

  A completed temporary residency application form.

A life partner visa in South Africa is a temporary visa and can be given up to a limit of 3 years. After the multi year or specified period, a renewal of this visa should be submitted to continue with your residence in South Africa.

In the event that you might want to study or work while in the Republic you may do as such yet you would need to apply for working rights to be added to your visa. People on a spousal permit may only apply to have either study, or business or working rights added to their visa, yet not all three. This means if you added a working rights support to your visa you may only work for an employer.

A foreign national who have been married to their South African spouse or a SA permanent resident holder for over 5 years may apply for permanent residency.

Be that as it may, candidates who don't meet the 5-year prerequisite must keep continue the spousal visa until the meet the 5-year necessity and afterward look to apply for permanent residency.

Being one of the most dynamic nations on the planet in recognizing same-sex couples and providing them equivalent rights to that of heterosexual associations South Africa grants spousal permits to life partner in both same-sex and heterosexual relationship.

The spousal permit is classified under the relative's visa category and is renewable. The spousal visa is given for a time of three years at a time. An additional factor is the expiry date of the passport, i.e. the visa can't be longer than expiry date of passport.

It is a temporary residency visa and is just given to foreign nationals who can demonstrate a serious relationship with a South African resident or individual holding permanent residency.

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