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A South African study visa (also known as study permit) allows a foreign national to live in the Republic while studying at a South African institution of primary, secondary or university education. A study visa can cover a range of educational disciplines and even include practical training as well as internship relating to the field of study in some cases.

South Africa has a scope of universally perceived university educational institutes as well as being a popular destination for foreigner to learn and improve their English as well as reasonable cost for basic items for students. Making it a popular destination for many foreigners looking for study board.

To study in South Africa, the candidate must be accepted (or provisionally accepted) to study at the school concerned. Acknowledgment is demonstrated by method for a letter of acknowledgment which must be on the school's letterhead and marked by or for the benefit of the registrar or principal.

A study visa can be given for the length of the candidate's studies at the institution concerned. If the candidate changes schools, at that point another study visa must be applied for. In spite of the fact that study visas are given for the span of study, a most extreme time of 8 years for elementary school instruction and 6 years for secondary school education applies. In regard of university education, the duration of visa is only limited by the duration of the degree, diploma or certificate concerned.

The study visa holders are allowed to work, but just for a maximum of 20 hours of the week and only if studying at university level. In the event that the candidate needs an authority to work more hours out of every week, at that point a work visa should be applied for. Change of status applications may be done within South Africa.

The holder of a study visa may apply for a change in visa status from within South Africa. It isn't vital for the candidate to leave the country and to present a change in visa status or visa renewal application from abroad. Visa holders in numerous different categories must present a change in status applications in their nations of origin.

The study visa holder's spouse and dependent children may apply for dependent spouse of child visa. These visas can be given for as long as three years, however the accompanying family members may not run a business, work or study. The parents, grandparents and siblings of a study visa holder do not qualify for accompanying family member visa.

Accompanying spouses and children can't change their status within South Africa. Change of status applications must be produced from the candidate's nation of origin.

Family members can accompany the primary study visa holder on accompanying family member visas.

The study visa can be given for maximum period of time, which means that the holder doesn't have to renew the visa as normally as with some other visa categories.

The financial necessities for a study visa are much than for some other visa classes.

There is no restriction on various times a study visa can be renewed.

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