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Intra–Company Work Transfer Visa

Today we are living in the world of globalization and many times it happens that the professionals who work for various worldwide organizations are transferred to the various branches of the organization. When a worldwide organization has its branch in South Africa and an employee of the organization has been transferred to the branch in South Africa, they have to apply for an Intra – Company Work Transfer Visa. This kind of visa is valid for maximum term of four years and it can be extended while in South Africa. The point to be remembered here is that the candidate must have first worked for at least a six months in the company’s foreign branch before the application for relocating and immigration to the South African branch of the organization.

Critically it should be noted that if an organization is transferring an employee to work at a location in South Africa, you should have an Intra-company transfer work visa to enter the country. This means the Intra-company transfer work visa should be applied for outside of South Africa.

South African company needs to confirm the following in order to process the Intra Company Transfer Visa:

  Acknowledgment of the transfer of the employee to them in their capacity as a branch, auxiliary or a member of the company abroad.

  That the employee will only be employed in the particular occupation and capacity with respect to which the intra-company transfer work visa was granted.

  That the foreign employee will all times comply with the provision of the Act and regulation of their visa.

  That they undertake to quickly notify the Director-General if the employee doesn't comply with the provision of the demonstration or conditions attached to the visa.

  Any potential expelling costs that may be related to the employee and their family dependents, will be borne by the company should it become compulsory.

  That the employee holding the intra-company transfer work visa will have consistently a valid passport for the term of their employment.

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