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General Work Visa South Africa

A general work visa permits a foreign national to work and live in South Africa for a particular employer in any position that cannot be filled by a South African citizen or permanent resident. The employer must show that no appropriately qualified local applicants could be found to fill the position in order for the foreign national to be allowed authorization to work in South Africa.

Below are few facts about South Africa General Work Visa:

  The whole process on which general work visas are given is based on two things: To secure South African work by ensuring that positions filled by foreign workers cannot be met through local people. To enable South African companies to recruit foreign workers that they are unable to find locally.

  Candidates for a general work visa should initially ensure that they don't meet the qualifying criteria for any of the other work visas. This should be possible by exploiting our free evaluation. Moreover they shouldn't be candidates who are being transferred by their employer from an international branch or whose employer holds a corporate work visa.

  No general work visa application is required for spouses or parents of South African citizens or permanent resident holders. The right visa application for spouses and parents is a spousal or parents visa. This visa would then be able to be endorsed to permit the candidate to work for a particular employer.

  The time frame may vary yet is normally given for 2 and 4 years. General work visa can also be extended by a making a further application before the current general work visa expiry date.

  The initial step is to secure temporary residency and you cannot apply straight away for permanent residency. However once you have held your general work visa for at least for the period of 5 years you may apply for permanent residency.

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