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South Africa Business Permit

A Business Permit is intended for business people looking to build up and run a business in South Africa. It could be a brand new business or a current business being moved to operate within South Africa.

So as to obtain a business visa, one would need to either invest the recommended measure of R5 million into a current business or give intends to build up another business along with proof of the capital contribution of R5 million.

The Department of Home Affairs may decrease or waiver the capital contribution amount, should the business be of national interest or after being mentioned to do as such by the Department of Trade and Industry.

Permanent residency is allowed quickly to the holder of a Business Permit in South Africa (also known as a business visa).

Here are some requirements to qualify for South Africa Business Visa:

  An investment amount of 5 million rends has been made, which must be produced funds presented from abroad; submitted confirmed verification of interest in the business in regard of the previous financial year.

  To introduce a comprehensive marketable strategy specifying every single applicable part of the business in addition to emphasis on the Department of Home Affairs criteria.

  Proof that at least 60% citizens or permanent residents are permanently employed in different positions directly in the activities of the business.

  Evidence of registration with the relevant professional body, committee or board recognized by SAQA in terms of section 13(1)(i) of the National Qualifications Framework Act, where applicable.

  Evidence of registration with the South African Revenue Service.

  A foreigner who invests or has put resources into a current business as a partner will submit ensured confirmation of investment in the business and the partnership agreement.

  Medical reports.

  Police clearance certificates.

  A completed application form.

  Undertaking in regard of South Africa Revenue Service obligations.

  A suitable organization structure.

You would need to give a chartered accountant’s certificate confirming the R5 million money or capital contribution is available to be put into the book estimation of the business. In the event that you are building up another business, a comprehensive strategy is additionally required. It would be ideal if you note that funds including the R5 million investments must originate from abroad.

The investment amount can be separated into a R500,000 capital contribution quickly and the rest of the equalization to be moved to the nation and put into the business over a year time span.

In the event that a business is in the following sector it can get a decrease in capital necessities. Agro-processing, IT and outsourcing business services, Transport equipment, metals and electrical apparatus and mechanical apparatus, electro technical, textile, consumer goods, vessel building, pulp. paper and furniture, automotive and more.

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