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Critical Skills Work Visa

The South African government has significant territories in the South African work force that may be lacking qualified and experienced staff to fulfill those jobs.

The government additionally realized that abilities need to help develop the nation and at last help the monetary development of the rainbow country may have to be attracted from outside the nation's border, and in light of this the Critical Skills Permit was implemented. This visa plans to pull in international ability and experience to explicit zones requiring improvement on South African shores. As one of the quickest developing nations on the African mainland with the most dynamic laws an ever increasing number of qualified migrants are setting up themselves here and are at the forefront edge of the nation's improvement boom.

The South African Critical Skills visa was made by the South African Department of Home Affairs in June 2014 to enable the nation to get in the skills and abilities to meet the objectives set in their national economic infrastructure projects.

So as to be qualified for Critical Skills visa potential immigrants must have an experience with an occupation on the South African Critical Skills list.

Most common skills listed on the Critical Skills list incorporate designers engineers, corporate general managers, scientists, physicists, technicians, architects, quantity surveyors, risk assessors, integrated developers, IT specialists, health professionals, industrial pharmacists, tradesman, specialist support foreign language speakers, academic etc.

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The specifics of the South Africa Critical Skills Visa are as below:

  This visa falls in the temporary residency visa stream and permits foreign nationals to lawfully live and work in South Africa for a time of as long as five years.
  Visa's are granted depends on the candidate is able show that they hold the experience and capabilities required in that particular field of occupation as listed on the Critical Skills List of more than 200 occupations for which this skills shortage exists.
  The candidate will not be required an employment offer and may apply for this visa without a job offer letter.
  The candidate need not acquire a letter of recommendation from the Department of Labor.
  This visa also provides an option to apply for permanent residency in the country subject to specific conditions. But can be also apply for straight away if the candidate has an experience in their field of his skills.
  This visa also allows an individual to invite their immediate family members including spouse and kids to accompany them on dependent visa.

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