Canada Spouse Visa

Canada is the most beautiful country with a view to the countryside area to the city life. Settling in Canada will a great change in your life because you will be experiencing the developed countryside and you will be enjoying the city life as well. The beauty of Canada is another expect that you will explore and enjoy your stay. It has beautiful places which are naturally gifted my nature and the people of Canada has preserved it. You will be getting the best education for your children as Canada has best schools as well as universities with the lush green environment and innovative creativity which gives your child a great exposure. Canada gives opportunity in the job as well so that you can earn and grow. The opportunities are really great just you should have experience, skills, and qualification so that you can pass the job area with flying colours.

If you want to stay in Canada and want to keep your spouse as well then you have to apply for the spouse visa for Canada, to apply you just have to follow little steps and then your partner can live with you comfortably.

Steps for Spouse Visa

  • You should possess your detailed personal or telephone information/consultation as it is an important step,
  • Another step is advice regarding evidentiary requirements,
  • Detailed eligibility documents/information of the Canadian sponsor,
  • You should tell the detail about the relationship to ensure it will pass the durable relationship test.
  • Admissibility information for the foreign national,
  • You should have to see the security clearances and medical check-ups,
  • Completion of all legal forms and statutory declarations,
  • Drafting of affidavits detailing the chronology of the relationship,
  • Detailed legal submissions including case law, statute and policy guidance,
  • Interview preparation at the Canadian High Commission where necessary,
  • Tracking the status of your file and liaising with CIC until visa issuance, and
  • Advice regarding post-landing procedures and residency obligations.

Another expect which you have to satisfy is that legal requirements which are really necessary for the visa approval.

Legal Requirements

  • Your relationship must be durable and genuine.
  • Your marriage should be in good state, it shouldn???t have done for the visa purpose for Canada.
  • The couple should have intended to live together in Canada.
  • If for some reason your spouse is leaving outside Canada then you have to make sure that your spouse will return to you.
  • You should clear the health and character check-up upon their arrival.
  • Other legal requirements should be told by the visa authority itself.

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