South Africa Permanent Resident Visa

South Africa one of the most beautiful countries, different cultures, different languages mix together they make a rainbow. A mixture of people living together with harmony if you will carefully observe the people of South Africa are really friendly and good in nature. South Africa has the rich lifestyle, with a stylish bar and huge hotels but there are shopping and other things in budgets as well so that every kind of person can buy the stuff. South Africa has been blessed with the breathtaking natural beauty with foggy mountains and trails. The wildlife of South Africa is the most famous one, it is one of the best safari life ever. If you need to go outdoors and have adventures then you don???t have to go far away, you have everything near you the best night lives ever.

Living in South Africa means you will get a lot of exposure to social life but you have to search the area carefully before relocating because as every country has good or bad side this country has too. Apart from that, it has all the beauty in itself.?? There are some points you should know while living in South Africa:

Living In South Africa

  • You should choose the locality/area very carefully because unlike other countries there are crimes that persist in South Africa, but if you will not hesitate and handle the situation well then South African people are really friendly.
  • There are eleven official languages in South Africa.
  • The career and opportunity in South Africa are a little tough but with your skill, qualification, and experience you will achieve the best job because their first preference is given to the locals only, so you must be well-skilled.
  • The living is cheap considering other western countries, so you can easily find a house in your budget with a good locality or society.
  • In the hospital, fees are charged according to your salary, so there is nothing to worry about, the hospitals are well equipped.
  • You will come across another new thing in South Africa that is ???Car Guards???. You just have to give tip to them when you return to your car but make sure you are interacting that person who has an official badge or bib.
  • Find a suitable and well to do school according to your budget for your child, so that after shifting he/she can go to school immediately.
  • Meet the like-minded people so that you can be surrounded by a protected surrounding.
  • Always keep yourself alert and enjoy every moment of your living abroad so that after you relocate again somewhere you will take a lot of memories with you, of the beautiful culture with different languages and different cultures and the wonderful landscapes, mountains and the wildlife of South Africa. The luxurious life and nightlife on the sandy beaches and shopping malls and the restaurant should be in your memory.

Steps to get Permanent Resident Visa

  • There is seven kind of Permanent Resident Visa which you can apply at any time. They are:
  • Relatives Permanent Residence Permit
  • Spouse/Life Partner Permanent Residence Permit
  • Five Years Continuous Work Permanent Residence Permit
  • Critical Skills Permanent Residence Permit
  • Business Permanent Residence Permit
  • Retirement Permanent Residence Permit
  • Financially Independent Permanent Residence Permit


  • Documents Required
  • You should take two passport size photograph
  • You should possess a medical and radiological certificate that is not old than six months
  • Clearance from police from all countries in which you have lived for more than 12 months, clearance should be not more than six months.
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate, if applicable and Death Certificate, if you are a widow
  • Divorce Certificate, if applicable
  • Other Eligibility documents which vary depending on permit category.

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