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South Africa Study visa

Student visa for South Africa for best education

There are various courses which one wants to do and some of the courses are available in the own country and for others one need to move to another part of the world. There are different countries which are known for the education and one of these is the South Africa. With the best of the education, South Africa is known for many of the other things. South Africa is on the southernmost part of the Africa. It comes to 25th number among the largest country in the world, considering the area of land and on 24th number for the country with the maximum population with the 11 languages officially. This country is divided into 9 provinces and thus there are various places which one visit, thus enjoying the beauty.

What is student visa?

For the education in the other part of the world, one needs to have the study visa. For the students who want to study in some other part of the world they need to have the student visa. This visa duration depends on the duration of the course which one wants to pursue or had taken admission. Some of the courses also need the experience to be taken with it. For this the students need to apply for the permission to work in order to get the work experience. In this permit, one can work for around 20 hours in a week, which is on a part time basis. But it cannot be used during the vacation of academic. It can be used where in the course practical training is required. With the student permits one need to have –

1.       Students should have to give the proof of having the adequate funds for bearing the day to day expenses such as accommodation, tuition fees etc.

2.       Should have the medical cover which is registered under the South African medical scheme.

Documentation required for the visa in South Africa –

·         Complete online form as they do not accept the handwritten forms.

·         Valid passport with at least validity of 30 days.

·         The certification of vaccination for the yellow fever if that person is travelling or intends to travel to that area.

·         Enrollment fee for biometric

·         Report of medical not less than 6 months.

·         Undertaking by the registrar for the learning institution admission.

·         Payment proof of the fees.

Steps to apply for the visa/ student visa in South Africa –

Ø  Fill the online form correctly.

Ø  Pay the fee mandatory for the appointment

Ø  Collect all the documents

Ø  On the appointment day reach the Facilitation centre of Visa prior 15 minutes of the appointment. With this one need to bring  -

1.       Appointment letter

2.       Online application form

3.       Payment proof

4.       Supporting Documents

5.       Valid passport

6.       Documents of travelling

Ø  Collect token from the Facilitation centre and wait for the turn. Once the process gets completed receipt of acknowledgement will be given. Keep this receipt safely.

Ø  Fingerprint will be taken along with the photograph.

Ø  Declaration need to be given that one would like to collect the documents oneself or through its representative. If through representative then one need to bring the authorization letter with them.


The applications of the temporary visa are accepted by the Visa Facilitation Centre for the processing of the visa. The minimum time required to process the visa is for the period of around 10 weeks for the decision taken regarding the visa. 

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