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South Africa Dependent visa



A Dependent Visa, known by different names formally, stipends the dependents of a legal occupant (permanent/impermanent) the rights to enter and live in a nation. On the off chance that you are the spouse/life partner or a dependent child under 18 of a legitimate inhabitant who is in or setting off to a remote nation in most visa classifications, you can apply for a visa to go along with them.



·         The advantage of moving to South Africa through a spousal migration visa of this kind is that applicants are surveyed absolutely upon the marital status or the length of their relationship.

·         Not at all like South African business visas should no venture be made and where South African work licenses require an offer of work to be set up from a South African organization, no such necessity is set up for those applying to join their companion or accomplice.

·         Where applicants apply for impermanent residence permits successful candidates will be allowed to live and work in South Africa with consent to look for and embrace work as they pick.

·         Furthermore, applicants applying for permanent residence will get the advantages stood to lasting South Africa inhabitants, which envelop a number of those delighted in by South African residents with a few exemptions, for example, the privilege to vote.


Working in South Africa

Applying for South African spousal visa whether through the impermanent or permanent route will as a result in the candidate's permanent settling in South Africa. Subsequently, the South African life partner visa makes arrangement for candidates to look for and participate in work in the nation. Effective candidates may begin a business; embrace an occupation or concentrate in South Africa once a support is allowed from the Department of Home Affairs.


In the event that your life partner has secured work in South Africa, what would it be a good idea for you to do to secure your dependant visa?


At the point when your life partner applies for temporary residence visa at the dependable South African Embassy, you should then present your application in the meantime as your companion. On the off chance that you are hitched, you are then required to deliver a marriage declaration and on account of custom-based law accomplice, you at that point need to give evidence of living together. This visa is extendable and applications for augmentations are allowed in South Africa.

All life partner dependant visa holders will have the alternative to apply for a change of status in South Africa should they wish to apply for a work visa. All dependant visa holders need to qualify and apply for one of the accompanying work visas;


·         Basic Skills Visa

·         General Work Visa


The accompanying criteria must be met to fit the bill for the dependent visa;

·         Confirmation of adequate money related means

·         Confirmation of a legitimate onward or return ticket or adequate money related intends to buy such ticket or to encourage the arrival of the candidate



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