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South Africa Business visa

Business visa

Business visa in South Africa provides the opportunity to stay and enjoy the South Africa. A business visa is designed for the people who want to do permanent or temporary business in South Africa. The new regulation was imposed by the department of home affairs in June 2014 regarding the business visa. It was made to encourage the people to work in South Africa to improve the career. If you want to improve your financial growth, South Africa is what you need probably.


Who can apply Business visa for south Africa?

 Business visa can be applied by the people who wish to run their business in South Africa. Whether you are going to do a temporary job or want to do some permanent job, you can apply business visa for the betterment of your life. While looking for the business visa you should look into the eligibility criteria and the documents that are needed to apply the business visa. Additionally, you can apply for the business visa if you want to attend the trade fair, business meeting, conference and much more.short term visa is a type of business visa where you can apply for it, if you want to stay for the particular period of time.

Eligibility criteria

?     Before getting into the business you should have minimum investment for the business. Even so, the amount could be reduced with some sort of waiver application.


?      The business visa in South Africa is specially designed to encourage those people who want to get job and stay in South Africa and hence they should employ 60% of the work from the South African workers. Well organized business plan is essential for the strong business


?     Moreover, the business visa holder should possess the definite company structure with them. When your business application does not have proper business structure, your application would be rejected.


Important points to remember

?     Make sure that you have entered all the correct details in the visa application. Keep in mind that failing to meet any of specific requirements will lead to rejection of the application. You should pay more attention while filling the application form.


?     Make sure that you have the clear photograph and the required documents with you. If you entered any incorrect details, it would be rejected right away. Hence, focus more on the documents that are needed to fill the visa application.


?      Filling the business visa is not a rocket science, yet you need to pay attention while filling out the form. In case you have any doubt, you can refer the immigration officer for more details.


?      Before submitting the application, kindly recheck the documents, overview and selected visa category, personal details and everything related to it.


?      Additionally, you should be perfectly aware of the chosen visa category and processing time for the visa. Visa fees do not accept credit or debit cards. It accepts only cash.


?      After fill out the application, you should hand over it to the immigration office. If the document is issued in a regional language it should be translated into English.




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