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South Africa Relative Permit



A relative permit is a permit issued to relatives/mates of South African natives or inhabitants planning to move to South Africa with an aim of taking up perpetual living arrangement.


As a close relative of a South African native or permanent resident, you might be issued a relative's permit once the budgetary means as examined in the Immigration Act, 2002 have been consented to. Relative's permits are substantial for a base time of 24 months and might be broadened. For a life partner or dependent child of a South African native or permanent inhabitant, the permit is issued for nothing out of pocket, while there is an expense for different relatives wishing to join their relatives in South Africa.


Relative permit can be supported to for the individuals who need to work, lead business or study in South Africa. Those effective candidates for relatives permit are managed almost every one of the privileges of a South African resident as they are granted permanent residence.


Conditions and necessities for the South African Relatives Permit

·         The candidate must have the capacity to demonstrate their association with the South African citizen or permanent occupant

·         The candidate's family should give adequate confirmation that they can bolster the candidate financially and this implies an accessible spending that takes into consideration R8500.00 for every candidate.

·         Holders of this visa may not take part in business or work until the point that they have been allowed perpetual residency on application.


Application submission

·         First-time candidates must present their applications in their nation of residence. You won't be able to present your application while in South Africa on a guest's visa

·         Renewals of existing South African Relatives Permits expansion can be signed in South Africa, make sure to do this some time before the visa terminate.

·         Submitting visa applications at a South African Embassy on board will require a 30 to 40-day preparing time.


Documents to be submitted

·         A valid passport with no less than 2 blank pages marked visa when introduced at the embassy

·         Two passport photographs

·         Medical certificate and it must not be older than 6 months at the time the candidate presents an application

·         Radiological report where the candidate is beyond 12 years old

·         Marriage certificate, where applicable Separation declare, where material

·         Court order allowing full or particular parental obligations and rights, where relevant

·         Evidence of money related help demonstrating the required ZAR 8,500 every month, per individual.

·         No charge is required from life partner or dependant of a South African citizen

·         Full criminal individual verification report and police leeway testament from all nations candidate lived in since age 18 for one year or more.

·         Evidence of South African citizenship or permanent residence of relative in the Republic of South Africa as a personality record and international ID

·         A complete birth authentication

·         Flight schedule

·         Bank statements stamped by the bank


How utilizing a migration agent might help you?

Utilizing a migration consultant gives you guide access to the information and experience of an expert individual enlisted with a proper administrative body. This implies you will get important exhortation and will have less bothers being sent from column to post amid the application procedure.

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