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South Africa Corporate Visa

In today’s globalised economy, many companies prefer to look further afield than their base country in finding quality personnel. Very often, factors such as language proficiency and specialised training play a role in how companies approach the issue of recruitment. In order to assist multinational or foreign-owned companies in this regard, South African immigration legislation allows for the allocation of a so-called Corporate Visa to deserving companies. The laws on this changed in May 2014 and currently companies that try to obtain this visa alone nearly always end up struggling and not receiving it. It is essential to engage with us to plan and submit a proper case for this visa.


In basic terms, the Corporate Visa allows a company based in South Africa to employ foreigners, and also provides a simplified process for granting a Work Visa to those employees. It is important to note that the Corporate Visa is not issued to a worker, but to the employing company.

In order to qualify for the Corporate Visa, the company needs to provide a detailed plan of its human resources, showing how many employees are required, how long they are going to be employed for, and how much they are going to be paid. The plan also needs to supply a comprehensive job description for each employee. The job description is essential because, in many cases, it can be used as proof that no South African citizen can be employed to do that specific job.

So, if you are struggling to find qualified or experienced personnel in South Africa, or if you have already identified people overseas whom you would like to employ, the Corporate Visa is definitely a potential solution to your recruitment situation. The Corporate Visa makes it easy to plan your human resource situation, and allows you to employ relatively large numbers of foreign workers for a set period of time. 

Once a company has obtained the Corporate Visa, the employees then need to apply for Work Visas individually. However, the process whereby they make their applications is significantly streamlined, and also cheaper, in comparison to those making ordinary Work Visa applications, without the Corporate Visa.

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